August 27, 2020

Changes to Family Memberships

Posted on August 27, 2020 by weeklyr

The QC Co-Lab has decided to simplify our membership offerings.  The goal for this change is to  increase inclusivity and to  better manage 
the training  and  access of members  that are currently  using the QC
Co-Lab’s family membership option.

Effective  September  31st we will be ending our family membership option.  In its place,  we will be making all memberships family memberships.  We are primarily hoping this action will remove any monetary roadblocks that could prevent members from working with and involving their families at the QC Co-Lab.

The new standard membership will include up to 4 family members, over the age of 18,  that are currently living in the same household that is listed with the QC Co-Lab. Each family member will need to fill out membership paperwork in order to receive their entry badge.  These memberships will maintain  1 vote per family during membership meetings,  and may only nominate 1 person from the family to a board position.  A majority board vote would be needed to allow exceptions to any of this,  all of which will be timeboxed and audited exceptions.

Any member that currently has a family membership will automatically see their payments reduced to the standard $35 a month.  Members that paid for their family members with the yearly option will be receiving a pro-rated reimbursement for the difference in the price of the time remaining in their membership.  If in  October you see that your rate has not changed or you have not received the reimbursement stated above  please contact us so we can correct the issue.

In the same theme as the membership simplification,  we are also simplifying and expanding access to our discounts.  Previously we were offering a few different types of discounts, and they weren’t all clearly publicized on the website. We are hoping to correct this and continue to break down monetary barriers by offering a single hardship discount that anyone is able to apply for. These discounts will be offered for 3-month  timeframes, with the option to re-apply every 3 months,  and will be determined by a majority vote of the Board of  Directors.

We have thus far been able to keep the dues for members significantly lower than other metros in the Midwest and at the lowest rate in  Iowa. As stated above we would very much like to remove any type of monetary barrier that might be standing in members’ way of their creativity or passion to make. The Co-Lab’s continued existence and progression are only possible due to the support of our members.


Website Updates

Posted on August 27, 2020 by weeklyr

You may have noticed that the QC Co-Lab website has a number of changes to the top menu and the content that is directly accessible. Below are some of the changes that can be seen on the site!

We have added an “Announcements” section to the top menu. This section will contain posts, articles, and important announcements for all members of the QC Co-Lab. This is now the go-to place for information about current events at the lab. The main reason for adding this section is to pull items that might have been buried in other forms of communication or behind barriers and move them to a highly accessible space.

Additionally, we have added an info dropdown to the top menu. In this dropdown, you can find updated versions of the content that was previously stored on the wiki. Traffic to the wiki as well as its stability have been dwindling for the last year or so. Due to this, the QC Co-Lab has decided to move that information over to the website in hopes that it will get more traffic and be better updated.