Website Updates – QC Co-Lab

Website Updates

Posted on August 27, 2020 by weeklyr

You may have noticed that the QC Co-Lab website has a number of changes to the top menu and the content that is directly accessible. Below are some of the changes that can be seen on the site!

We have added an “Announcements” section to the top menu. This section will contain posts, articles, and important announcements for all members of the QC Co-Lab. This is now the go-to place for information about current events at the lab. The main reason for adding this section is to pull items that might have been buried in other forms of communication or behind barriers and move them to a highly accessible space.

Additionally, we have added an info dropdown to the top menu. In this dropdown, you can find updated versions of the content that was previously stored on the wiki. Traffic to the wiki as well as its stability have been dwindling for the last year or so. Due to this, the QC Co-Lab has decided to move that information over to the website in hopes that it will get more traffic and be better updated.