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Annual Membership Meeting

Posted on February 20, 2022 by weeklyr

The QC Co-Lab will be hosting the annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, March 13th at 2:00 PM! A link to the event can be found here if you would like to add it to your calendar. If you would like to join remotely you can do so here. The agenda for this meeting includes  A brief presentation looking back on the past year. A look forward to 2022 and what it might hold for the Co-Lab. Time to hear and discuss any ideas or concerns of the membership.  Voting on new board members including the named positions of President, Vice


Winter Is Coming

Posted on November 19, 2021 by weeklyr

As many of you already know we are quickly approaching the “why does the wind hurt my face” months here in the Midwest. We have completed some maintenance on the boiler and will have it up and running here shortly. I would however currently recommend that you bring a sweatshirt to the lab if possible.  The board would like to thank everyone for their proactivity in coming in to get cards replaced! If you have yet to do so please make sure to email [email protected] to get a time scheduled. Just a reminder that we no longer have access to


New Access Cards

Posted on October 27, 2021 by weeklyr

As many members already know we have moved out of the front of the building. This means we will not be able to use that front door to gain entry to the building. This also means that we will be retiring the old access system. The new system is currently set up on the middle side door and will soon also be available at the rear door by the dumpster. If you do not have a new access card please reach out to [email protected] to set up a time to get one. We have been in the process of converting


Important Information about QC Co-Lab

Posted on September 19, 2021 by Gavin Schermer

As some of you might already know, the building currently occupied by QC Co-Lab has recently been sold from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) to a local business owner, Bill Sheeder.   Due to this change in ownership, there will be a number of changes happening at QC Co-Lab.  We, the board of directors, are working to mitigate as much disruption to the membership as possible, however, there will be some. Rent for the building has increased from $10.00 a year to $1,000.00 per month.  There are also several major building maintenance issues that will be expensive to fix, and it’s


QC Co-Lab Clean Up Day

Posted on May 4, 2021 by weeklyr

The QC Co-Lab will be having a clean up day on May 15 & 16. We are hoping to channel our inner Marie Kondo and figure out just what gives us joy at the Co-Lab! We will be providing food for the day to and members who would like to volunteer their time. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! There will be more updates coming soon


Definitions added!

Posted on October 11, 2020 by weeklyr

The QC Co-Lab board of directors has voted to adopt a list of policy definitions to help describe and convey the policy of the QC Co-Lab. The list of current definitions can be found here or by navigating to the Info tab and then looking under Policies. This will hopefully be a living document that will be updated regularly to help increase the understanding and enforcement of our policies.


Changes to Family Memberships

Posted on August 27, 2020 by weeklyr

The QC Co-Lab has decided to simplify our membership offerings.  The goal for this change is to  increase inclusivity and to  better manage  the training  and  access of members  that are currently  using the QC Co-Lab’s family membership option. Effective  September  31st we will be ending our family membership option.  In its place,  we will be making all memberships family memberships.  We are primarily hoping this action will remove any monetary roadblocks that could prevent members from working with and involving their families at the QC Co-Lab. The new standard membership will include up to 4 family members, over the


Insect Control at the Co-Lab

Posted on August 17, 2020 by weeklyr

The Co-Lab has decided to have the building sprayed for insects. This will be a building-wide process that will happen a minimum of once per month for two months. An exact date for the spraying has not yet been set but as soon as it is there will be notice given on the Announcements page of the website, a pinned post in Teams as well as signage on rented rooms and around the lab in general. Be on the lookout for updated dates regarding the insect control timeline.


Can Return Changes

Posted on August 17, 2020 by weeklyr

The Co-Lab has decided to allow all members to return the cans that are located in the lab. This is to lower the number of cans left around the lab at any given time. Please feel free to remove the cans from the lab as long as they are being returned or recycled.


Waste Removal Changes

Posted on August 17, 2020 by weeklyr

The Co-Lab has recently switched providers for our dumpster from County Waste to Republic. We went from a 2-yard dumpster to a 4-yard dumpster. The Republic dumpster can be found in the back lot currently but is going to be moved to where the County Waste dumpster used to be located. Additionally, we will be getting a locking dumpster to try and keep our waste from getting picked through and taken out of the dumpster. Once we get the locking dumpster delivered we will have a key in a common location so all members will still have access to the