July 24, 2021

Project Labeling

Posted on July 24, 2021 by Gavin Schermer

We are a makerspace: we build, we design, we tinker and we create. And we LOVE to show off our projects! But sometimes we don’t know who something belongs to, or what’s being done, or maybe even don’t quite understand what a particular project IS. And sometimes there seem to be so many projects that there isn’t room to work.

To address these issues we have made new Project Label cards, they are available on the round table in the lobby. There are cards for projects “In-Process” and, cause we like to show off what we’ve done, there are “Completed Projects” label cards.

If you have an project in a Co-Lab COMMON area, please label it with one of these cards. Common, or public, areas are any areas that are not a privately rented office – lobby, wood shop, ceramic studio, restroom, etc. Basically, if there is something in a common area that is not Co-Lab property then it should have a Project Label card.

If you have any questions about these project label cards please contact [email protected]

(Equipment in common areas is a different topic – please contact [email protected] about a tool loan agreement for any privately owned equipment in common areas.)