3D Printing & Giving Back

Posted on March 26, 2020 by weeklyr

The QC Co-Lab and its members truly believe in the power of makers and the movement that they have started around the country. The Co-Lab and its members have started a joint effort to print and outfit face shields to be distributed to local hospitals and clinics. During this trying time in the country, it is evident, more than ever, that the small, agile, and motivated maker movement can play a critical role in keeping the hero’s that are working on the front line of this pandemic as safe as possible. We currently have all available 3D printers running 24×7 inside the Co-Lab printing a face shield design that has been distributed around the state in different maker communities. We can produce roughly 50 shields a day at a cost of materials under a dollar per shield. This is the culmination of what the maker movement was invented to do! Hobbyists now have the ability to at the drop of a hat turn their 3D printers, CNCs, Laser cutters, and other rapid manufacturing tools towards helping solve large problems at a drop of a hat. We are extremely proud to be able to give back to the community in this time of need just as the community has given to us for the last 10 years!

Stay safe everyone!  



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