July 22, 2015 – QC Co-Lab

July 22, 2015

We’re temporarily closed

Posted on July 22, 2015 by Keith Claussen

As of this week, the QC Co-Lab is closed temporarily during our transition to a new space. We’re working hard to ensure the downtime is kept to a minimum & want to stress this is not a permanent closure. There is a exciting announcement we hope to make very soon! But, in the mean time, please stop by the old space to sign the entryway wall. We sincerely appreciate and have nothing but gratitude for Mary Ann Hamilton, Hamilton Tech faculty, and staff for supporting the QC Co-Lab over the past five years. Because, without them, we wouldn’t be here today as the Quad Cities premier makerspace.

On behalf of the QC Co-Lab, a big thank you to Hamilton Tech for their hospitality & generosity.

And, to our members, we ask for your patience during the downtime & transition.


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