QC Co-Lab gives shocking performance @ 3rd Annual CR Makerfaire

A small, but spirited crew made the trip up to Cedar Rapids for the annual Makerfaire, hosted by the Cedar Rapids Metro MakerSpace.

Our display consisted of RC Dalek, augmented reality sandbox, Tesla coil, Van De Graaf generator, Jacobs ladder, quadcopter (display only) & plasma ball. The AR sandbox & Tesla coil seemed to have stolen the show as those were very popular exhibits to see. The only item that didn’t require some form of electricity was the static display quadcopter. It was a mix of interactivity, electrical arcs & amazement from show visitors.

Between the awesome activites, visits from our members (current & former), and great hospitality from the Cedar Rapids Metro MakerSpace, it made for a very sucessful, fun-filled day. A big Co-Lab thank you to Ben Ziegler, Ray Benge, Nick Benge and Keith Claussen for making the trip! Special thanks to members Eric Engamells for lending a hand as well.

A shout out to Dave Langkamp for stopping by to visit & he did a nice job covering the show on his blog (Part 1 & Part 2). He interviewed Ben & Keith gave an assist holding the camera.











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