February 5, 2011 – QC Co-Lab

February 5, 2011

QC Co-Lab Introduction to C/C++ Microcontroller Programming

Posted on February 5, 2011 by contact

Robots? Check. UAVs? Check. Model Trains? Check. Creepy walking things to scare your girlfriend? Check.

Microcontrollers are the marvel of the modern world. With a mastery of these devices you can program anything to do anything anytime for any reason. At the QC Co-Lab’s 6 week intro to micro-controller workshop you will learn to operate one of the most popular hobby micocontrollers available today. The Arduino Uno is cheap, powerful and well supported in the community. You will learn the basics of C/C++ programming, as well as get hands on experience designing and creating the project of your choice.

Classes start at 7:30 PM on Friday nights for six weeks, starting February 11th. Bring your own Arduino or buy one from us for $30. Class is free for members, and we recommend a $5 per session donation for non-members.