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If you’re a QC Co-Lab Member, check out this information to help stay in touch, pay your dues, and more.

QC Co-Lab General Member Information

QC Co-Lab Wiki – This is the home of our published corporate documents, such as our By-Laws, Meeting Minutes, Meeting Process, and more.

Dues – This page describes the dues scales we offer, and how you can pay them.

Access – The QC Co-Lab does not have traditional business hours. Instead, our members get 24/7 access through the use of RFID cards that are issued after creating their membership.

QC Co-Lab Methods of Communication

Membership Mailing List – This is where most of our discussions happen.  We encourage you to sign up on the mailing list in order to keep tabs on the pulse of the Co-Lab. Signing up for the membership mailing list requires a Google account.

One comment on “Member Information

  1. Mike Doyle Jul 30,2019 1:24 pm

    I have not used the co-lab as I anticipated. Please cancel my membership. Thank you. Also, please contact me after the membership has been cancelled or to ask any questions. Mike Doyle

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