QC Co-Lab, a year in review

This Saturday was our yearly meeting. We had food, greeted new members, talked about past successes and discussed upcoming projects. The QC Co-Lab received the keys to this space almost a year ago. In that time, we’ve met many new members, been on television twice, been in make magazine, won our first contest, contributed to ...

Arduino: Breaking the Board

Time to break out of the confines of your Arduino! Join guest speaker Ray Scheufler of KSU, Steve Hamer and David Hinkle of the QC Co-Lab for a step by step demonstration of how to design and fabricate your own custom Arduino board! As many of you may know, the Arduino is what we in ...

Arduino 2 – Now I know my ABC’s, won’t you come and play with me?

Our latest vlog takes you through the process of designing a more complex program and introduces the concepts of variables and control structures.

News Channel 4 Story on the QC Co-Lab

For those that missed it, here’s the story news channel 4 did on the QC Co-Lab.

Arduino 1 – Getting Started with Arduino and C/C++

A QC Co-Lab video production, this how-to series will get you started with the Arduino. One new video a week destined to transform you from complete newb to Arduino master.

Monthly Business Meeting

This month the QC Co-Lab voted in three new members to our roster. I’m pleased to introduce: * Neal Meeker – High School Teacher * Dave Langkamp – Designer/Fabricator/Tinkerer Extraordinaire * Trevor Fuhs – Amature Super Villian For meeting minutes please see: https://wiki.qccolab.com/index.php?title=Meeting_02.12.2011

QC Co-Lab Introduction to C/C++ Microcontroller Programming

Robots? Check. UAVs? Check. Model Trains? Check. Creepy walking things to scare your girlfriend? Check. Microcontrollers are the marvel of the modern world. With a mastery of these devices you can program anything to do anything anytime for any reason. At the QC Co-Lab’s 6 week intro to micro-controller workshop you will learn to operate ...

ReMade Aims to Bring the Maker Movement Mainstream Again

As we were planning our grand opening event, I received an e-mail from a guy named Chris. Chris talked to me about a documentary he and several other people were filming, and they wanted to come to the QC Co-Lab to feature our space. Not one to turn down free publicity, it was an easy ...

Bronze casting with the crew of QC-Co Lab – Makerbot Blog

Article Title: Bronze casting with the crew of QC-Colab Author: “MakerBlock” Full URL: http://blog.makerbot.com/2010/10/01/bronze-casting-with-the-crew-of-qc-c… Date: 10/01/10 Dave Hinkle, bronze caster extraordinaire, and “pretty good” programmer does a cool writeup of his project for MakerBot’s blog on how he used the MakerBot to create the impression for his sand casting bronze experiment.

QC Co-Lab fosters thinkers, builders in technology field – Quad City Times

Article Title: QC Co-Lab fosters thinkers, builders in technology field Author: Doug Schorpp Full URL: http://qctimes.com/business/article_d4d8a71c-c1f5-11df-b10b-001cc4c03286… Date: 9/16/10 A nice writeup out just in time for our grand opening festivities!