• QC Co-Lab Clean Up Day
    The QC Co-Lab will be having a clean up day on May 15 & 16. We are hoping to channel our inner Marie Kondo and figure out just what gives us joy at the Co-Lab! We will be providing food for the day to and members who would like to volunteer their time. If you …read more
  • Definitions added!
    The QC Co-Lab board of directors has voted to adopt a list of policy definitions to help describe and convey the policy of the QC Co-Lab. The list of current definitions can be found here or by navigating to the Info tab and then looking under Policies. This will hopefully be a living document that …read more
  • Changes to Family Memberships
    The QC Co-Lab has decided to simplify our membership offerings.  The goal for this change is to  increase inclusivity and to  better manage  the training  and  access of members  that are currently  using the QC Co-Lab’s family membership option. Effective  September  31st we will be ending our family membership option.  In its place,  we will …read more
  • Insect Control at the Co-Lab
    The Co-Lab has decided to have the building sprayed for insects. This will be a building-wide process that will happen a minimum of once per month for two months. An exact date for the spraying has not yet been set but as soon as it is there will be notice given on the Announcements page …read more
  • Can Return Changes
    The Co-Lab has decided to allow all members to return the cans that are located in the lab. This is to lower the number of cans left around the lab at any given time. Please feel free to remove the cans from the lab as long as they are being returned or recycled.